Get relief from carpal tunnel syndrome with acupuncture

Acupuncture is well-known effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. A recent study published in the journal Brain found insight into why acupuncture is so effective at treating this condition.

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The study, Rewiring the primary somatosensary cortex in carpal tunnel syndrome with acupuncture, found that acupuncture improves median nerve function at the wrist while also affecting brain-based mechanisms involving neuroplasticity of the primary somatosensory cortex. So acupuncture relieves pain in part by affecting the pain centers of the brain! How cool is that? 

To read more about the study and the methods that were used read this article:

To understand carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important to understand the median nerve. This nerve originates from the brachial plexus underneath the collar bone and runs down the arm, passing through the "carpal tunnel" at the wrist, where it can be compressed, causing numbness and tingling in the hand. This is common in people who do a lot of computer work or repetitive motions. It is also common in pregnant women, because pregnancy increases blood volume, putting pressure on the nerve. 

Oftentimes patients assume they have carpal tunnel syndrome, when in fact, the median nerve can become entrapped anywhere along it's path, not just at the wrist. To make matters more complex, it could be something else entirely that is causing pain and numbness in the hands - Thorcic Outlet Symdrom or cervical nerve entrapment, just to name a few. This is why acupuncture, with it's meridian systems that traverse the arm and spine, can be so effective at treating any sort of neuropathy. 

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