Turning Pointe
Acupuncture + Wellness

Chronic Pain - Sports Medicine - Wellness

5105 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon

turn·ing point(e)  noun

a time at which a decisive change occurs, especially one with beneficial results.

Acupuncture helps your body heal itself. It reduces pain and inflammation, opens blocked circulation
and restores the body, mind and spirit. 


"Emily Bartha is a rare combination of common sense, technical acumen and intuitive wisdom that is rare even in Portland's abundant health care community. Her passion and deep understanding of acupuncture and human health sings true in her treatments. If you're lucky enough to get on her schedule you know you are in excellent hands." 
- Robert
"I have had chronic neck pain for the last several years and have tried a lot of different things. Emily was able to alleviate most of my pain in just one visit. Seeing her regularly has made me feel better and have less pain that I have in years. She is insightful, makes great connections and is in general just a wonderful human. I highly recommend her and her practice."
- Sarah
"Emily really took her time with me. She is very professional and pleasant to work with. This was my first experience with Acupuncture and there is something to this for sure as my back feels much better. It's not that painful, and creates interesting sensations in the body. I'll add that the cupping is quite nice as well!"
- Mike 
"I am professional singer and came to Emily during a long show run. Her sessions identified "trouble" spots where I was carrying tension as a direct result of performance practice, and in reducing both inflammation and tension her treatments allowed me greater freedom to sing and act fully."
- Katie

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