Emily Bartha
LAc, MAcOM, Diplomat of Oriental Medicine, Board Certified Herbalist

I'm a native Oregonian and a classically trained ballet dancer. Throughout my dancing I turned to acupuncture and to recover from injury, increase focus and improve performance. After a particularly stubborn hamstring injury, I became enthralled with the effectiveness of acupuncture after exhausting other treatment options. This sparked my interest and eventually led me to pursue a career in holistic medicine.  I received a Master in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the #1 ranked school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States.

I continue to be active in the Portland dance community through teaching and as a wellness provider for Oregon Ballet Theatre. In addition to dance, I regularly enjoy rock climbing, yoga and hiking. 

My Approach

I specialize in sports medicine for athletes - specifically dancers, gymnasts, climbers, yogis and cyclists - as well as chronic pain management and traumatic injuries including motor vehicle accidents. I also have experience in treating depression, anxiety, eating disorders and insomnia.

Above all I enjoy helping active people achieve their goals and get back to doing what they love after injury. I view injury as an opportunity to learn about one's body mechanics, habits and potential muscle imbalances so you can return to your sport or activity stronger and smarter. I strongly believe that acupuncture can be an integral component of a successful training regimen for all athletes, from seasoned competitors to those training for their first marathon.