Emily Bartha

LAc, MAcOM, Diplomat of Oriental Medicine, Board Certified Herbalist

I'm a native Oregonian and a classically trained ballet dancer. Throughout my dancing I turned to acupuncture and to recover from injuries, increase focus and improve performance. After a particularly stubborn hamstring injury, I became enthralled with the effectiveness of acupuncture after exhausting other treatment options. This sparked my interest and eventually led me to pursue a career in holistic medicine.

I received a Master of Science in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (MAcOM) at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the #1 ranked school of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the United States. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy from Barnard College. I worked in the field of environmental health and policy before pursuing a career in medicine.

I continue to be active in the Portland dance community through teaching and as a member of the Allegro Society, a group of practitioners who provide medical care to the Oregon Ballet Theatre dancers. In addition to dance, I regularly enjoy rock climbing, yoga, hiking and volunteering for a local dog rescue organization. 

I specialize in sports medicine for athletes - specifically runners, dancers, gymnasts, climbers, yogis and cyclists. 

Above all I enjoy helping active people achieve their goals and get back to doing what they love after injury. I view injury as an opportunity to learn about one's body mechanics, habits and potential muscle imbalances so you can return to your sport or activity stronger and smarter. I strongly believe that acupuncture can be an integral component of a successful training regimen for all athletes, from seasoned marathon runners to those just looking to start an exercise program.

Sports Medicine


Chronic pain


Women's Health


Mental Emotional Health

I also focus on chronic pain management and traumatic injuries including motor vehicle accidents. I frequently treat people with chronic pain and often find success in reducing their symptoms or managing their pain, when other modalities or treatments haven't worked. Acupuncture can be powerful in treating long-term conditions because it creates change in the physiological body as well as the brain and nervous system. Through various mechanisms it reduces inflammation and promotes healing. 

In addition to musculoskeletal issues, I specialize in women's health - working with women at all stages of life to deal with issues such as painful periods, PMS, fertility, metabolism, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum issues, menopause and thyroid health.

A wonderful "side effect" of acupuncture is a deep state of relaxation and sense of well-being. There is ample clinical and scientific research to show that regular acupuncture can help alleviate the symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Part of the reason it helps with anxiety is that it induces the parasympathetic nervous system, or, "rest and digest" response. This is the opposite of "fight or flight" that we commonly experience in the modern world. Regular acupuncture can improve vagal tone and help you tap into the parasympathetic response more easily.